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Primeval Series 4 Ep 4 + Series 1 Ep 6 Reviewed

Ep 4
Phillip wants to put the menagerie down. Connor is dumb and damages his relationship with Abby. Matt who still can’t act continues to be dumb and obsess over the annoying woman and the boring Ethan. A group of chavvy kids annoy.

Abby tries to get Jess to help her save the menagerie. Jess is dumb, an informer and she needs a good slap. Lester helps Abby. So Abby and the whining sponger Connor have issues.

This was awful. Series 4 is even worse than series 3. How did the dinosaur get into the vending machine? What is the big deal about Ethan? Why is everyone so stupid? Why does Jess dress in such work inappropriate attire? Why are there mountains on the ‘London’ skyline? Why is Matt’s apartment so bare? I’m glad I have ‘Outcasts’ and ‘Marchlands’ to look forward to.

Series 1

Ep 6

Helen locks lips with the vile Stephen and a future predator shows up. Baby future predators run around and the team go into the past to find an anomaly that leads to the future. There are connections to the events of ep 1 as Ryan dies and two baby future predators are left in the past.

Somehow history changes as a result of that. The ARC which would show up in ep 1 of series 2 and the whole Claudia has been wiped from time and replaced by her lookalike doppelganger Jenny.

This was uh. Why did Helen suddenly reveal her affair with Stephen? Why did Stephen have absolutely no shame about it? Why did they just let Helen waltz off at the end of the ep? How did time change and why is no-one concerned about time being changed?

Best Lines:
She swapped her marriage for a package holiday in the Permian era.”
“Maybe it was just a cry for help.”
“Counselling would have been simpler.”

“The future belongs to them.”

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