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Chase Ep 1 + Two 1980's Twilight Zone segments Reviewed


Ep 1

I can see why this show is facing cancellation. A family are robbed and shot. US Marshal Annie Frost hunts fugitive Mason Boyle (Travis Fimmel) along with her central casting co-workers. One of whom is Jesse Metcalfe of ‘Desperate Housewives’.

Mason Boyle stares, shaves his head and has a stupid girlfriend named Laura who is too dumb to live. Annie and her vacant eyes tracks him down. There is bad acting, Mason wears a bad wig and no tension or interest is generated. This was utterly without merit.

Best Line:
It’s hide and seek, only with guns.”

The Twilight Zone (1985 – 1986)

Season 1 Ep 13 Segment 3

The Star
This is only about 10 minutes long but it is a good apation of a controversial Arthur C Clarke short story. It looks 80’s with bad SFX, cheap sets and space suits that look like disco wear. But the story is good. In the far future the survey ship Magellan finds the legacy of a long dead alien race.

The crew examine the art and various artefacts preserved by the dead race that was wiped out by a supernova. Two crewmembers learn that the light from the supernova was the Star of Bethlehem. This was very good even if the shocking ending is softened a lot.

Season 2 Ep 9 Segment 2

Shelter Skelter

Harry (Joe Mantegna of ‘Criminal Minds’) spends all his time in the fallout shelter in his basement. His wife Sally (Joan Allen) is long suffering, the daughter is ignored and the son is dad’s favourite. Harry’s fallout shelter has a massive gun collection, a food stockpile, a shooting range, nice furniture, camouflage outfits and dead animal heads mounted on the wall.

Sally takes her children to visit her sister mostly to get away from her survivalist nutjob husband. Sally’s sister refers to Harry as: “Godzilla, king of the monsters.” Harry’s friend Nick visits. During the visit a newsreader with 80’s hair and huge shoulder pads speaks ominously of tensions. Harry dreams of a ‘purified world’ where he and his son can live happily ever after.

Harry shows Nick the super secret fallout shelter which has an indoor well, a radiation detector, a 300 gallon tank of oil and a 30 foot air filter. He boasts of how he told the workmen it was for a wine cellar. He also told them his survivalist radio was satellite TV. Harry loves his fallout shelter. Then there’s a flash of light and the house erupts into flames. It seems the balloon has gone up. Harry and Nick seal themselves into the shelter.

Six weeks after, there are noises and voices outside. Harry ignores them. After 10 months, Nick can’t stand Harry’s ranting anymore and flees outside. Harry lets him die out there. Harry doesn’t miss his family, only his son.

After a year the irrational, paranoid psychopath Harry slicks his hair back and holds his gun waiting and maybe even hoping for someone to knock on the shelter’s door. Then comes the twist ending. This was very good. The twist ending is creepy. Harry missed his chance of rescue and is now buried under highly radioactive ruins for good. Creepy and Harry's fate is unsettling. This 80’s revival was good with nice opening credits.

Best Lines:
“Bring down the cold beer will you.”
“Harry, you’ve had two already.”
“I can count Sally.”

“Why does daddy spend so much time down there?”

“The whole world’s going straight down the old toilet.”
“Going? Hah! We’re already in the toilet.”

“You think we should barricade ourselves in the family tomb.”

“Someone’s coming to rescue us.”
“Don’t be ridiculous, look at the radiation level outside. It’s the walking dead up there. Survivors looking for food and water. You better pray that they don’t find us And I’m ready for them if they do.”

“What the hell is the point of surviving in a dead world?”

“There’s no daylight anymore...the whole town is gone...the air smells like burnt plastic.”
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