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Primeval Series 4 Ep 3 + Series 1 Eps 1,3&4 Reviewed

Series 4

Ep 3

People come through an anomaly. Matt and weird old guy spout bad dialogue at each other while showing off their shoddy acting. Phillip mutters about a special project called New Dawn. Connor’s shaved and Abby’s combed her hair.

Connor is getting stupider with each episode. The mystery of the people and why they prancing around time is not explained yet but nobody cares. This was awful.

Best Lines:
Where are you from? When are you from?"

“First day at a new job and I’ve practically murdered the boss.”

Series 1

Ep 1

Cutter, Stephen and Connor go to the Forest of Dean on a monster hunt. As does Abby. They all meet up. The back-story reveals that Cutter’s wife Helen vanished in the Forest of Dean eight years earlier. They see a dead cow in a tree. Abby finds cute dino Rex and a big mean dino attacks. Claudia shows up and a team is put together after they find the anomaly.

Captain Ryan shows up and he and Cutter go through the anomaly. There in the dim and distant past they find a campsite. Ryan finds bones that in the last ep of series 1 turned out to be his own, creepy. They find a camera. Somehow the film inside survived and it shows images of Helen. Initially the mystery about Helen intrigued but by series 3 the plotline was just dragged out and tired.

This was okay; the gag of Cutter tossing Connor’s dissertation into the trash twice is hilarious. Whatever happened to his dissertation by the way? Then there were Abby’s reptiles at her zoo job named Brad and Angelina. Rex is a lot greener looking than he was in later series.

They never explained why Helen cheated on Cutter with Stephen, left him, learned how to travel the anomalies and went crazy. They never explained why Stephen was such a betraying jerk and what happened to his and Cutter’s teaching jobs. How did no-one see a dinosaur walking around a cul-de-sac or a school? Why is Connor so stupid?

Best Lines:
“A six month project studying the lifecycle of parasites in elephant dung.”
“Sounds unmissable.”

“You spend your entire career planning for just about every crisis imaginable. Up to and including alien invasion. Then this happens.”

“There’s a dinosaur in the playground.”

“The thought that someone’s been there before us is far from reassuring.”

Ep 3

A man dives into a pool and is eaten by a monster. Didn’t he see the dinosaur in the pool? Cutter mentions monsters in ancient mythology, something Sarah brought up again in series 3. The anomaly turns out to be underwater.

Abby is attracted to the horrible Stephen who makes Cutter’s misery over Helen all about himself. Cutter continues to obsess over his wife, which led to her murdering him in series 3. Connor’s idiot friends inflict themselves on the viewer. This was okay.

Why are Abby and Connor wading around in a reservoir where a sea monster is lurking? What killed the Special Forces diver – the dinosaur or Helen? Claudia was a harpy and Stephen was a jerk they are not missed.

Why was Cutter told to take a compass through the anomaly when ep 1 established that anomalies mess with compasses? Why did Cutter not emote at all during his reunion with Helen? How did Cutter not drown? How did Helen get all her anomaly knowledge anyway?

Best Lines:
“If you get killed. Can I have your ipod?”

“Would you rather tell the police that an ancient sea monster is cruising our swimming pools consuming lifeguards?”

“Connor Temple, he looks like a half wit but he has a very good brain.”

“We may stand on the brink of Armageddon but at least we have an irritating student on our side.”

Ep 4

Helen is questioned and lies. Cutter believes she isn’t evil, poor deluded fool. Connor’s two idiot friends Duncan and the dead meat Tom spy on him and steal a dodo that has some through an anomaly.

Helen escapes through a field that is full of anomalies, a field never seen or mentioned again. Claudia continues to be a harpy, no wonder Helen erased her from history. The dodos turn out to be infected with deadly parasites.

The dumb Tom is infected and displays uncoiled aggression before dying. Tom’s dead dude, yes way. Dinner time, worm dudes! This was an awful, gormless, shabby, unlikable, boring ep full of gurning antics.

Best Lines:
“We have a dodo down.”

“What if they’ve created an attack dodo?”

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