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Primeval Series 4 Eps 1&2 Reviewed

Ep 1

Danny, Connor and Abby are lost in time. Connor and Abby are prey in the past as they grub for roots. The ARC has two new employees: Jess who looks about 12 and acts like she’s 6. Then there is Matt a pathetic product of the public school system who can’t act.

The ARC has a new boss Phillip (Alexander Siddig of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ and ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’). Lester still hangs around not doing much, Becker broods and Sarah is dead.

Connor and Abby’s clothes have held up well and they can eat and drink without poisoning themselves for some reason. Also how did Abby avoid getting pregnant? Connor is the Dutch elm disease on the tree of life.

Connor and Abby get a way home and just stand around looking at it, instead of going through. Once back, Connor acts like a moron and endangers lives. Nothing much has changed. A dinosaur chases them and during the climax a song by S Club 7 plays. Nice touch.

This series conspiracy arc is kicked off by having Matt talk to some weird old guy about foreshadowing stuff. This was uh. Connor is still stupid and Matt’s appalling acting didn’t help this.

Best Lines:
I’m watching a dinosaur trash my office.”

“He’ll live, probably.”

“A beautiful world Matthew, but for how much longer?”

“After the catastrophe of your last trip, the government decided the ARC would benefit from private sector management.”

Ep 2

In the teaser, a mean woman does something cruel. This leads to a dinosaur running rampant on a construction site. Abby gets a job at the ARC, Connor does not. Abby gets a bio-tag ID – it seems after everything the ARC has finally got serious about security. Abby is reunited with Rex.

Matt whose acting has got worse blathers on with the weird old man. Connor meanwhile looks up an idiot friend named Duncan last seen in series 1. He and Duncan do stupid things. Connor lies and is dumb. Jes annoys and invades privacy. This was uh.

How did Abby get the duo to take her out in their boat? Will they ever explain the clone army? Will they ever reverse the changes to the timeline? When will they stop fearing the creatures? Will Connor ever stop being thoughtless? Why does Jessica have such a huge flat? Where is Danny Quinn?

Best Lines:
“How did you find me?”
“I called your mum.”

“What happened to you?”
“You did.”

“You have to treat them all as equally dangerous; it could be any one of them. It could be all of them.”

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