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Book Review: 1635 The Eastern Front

1635: The Eastern Front by Eric Flint

The latest in the ‘Ring of Fire’ saga is a good addition to this erratic series. The tangle of names and plots is so confusing now, one needs to stop trying to figure out who is who and what is going on and just go with the flow.

This is a tangled tale of war, ambition and thankfully focuses more on the downtimers. The downtimers have reacted in various ways to the ring of fire and are coping with the change in an assortment of ways.

King Gustav Adolf has been an ally of the uptimers for years, mostly to feed his ambition. Now his ambition is to invade Poland, again. And to their detriment the UES go along with it.

But Gustav Adolf has aimed too high. Many downtimers are tired of uptimer meddling and are sick of Gustav Adolf’s ruthless ambition. Things are set to explode.

This is good stuff like previous novels: ‘1632’, ‘1633’, ‘1634: The Galileo Affair’, ‘1635: The Cannon Law’, ‘1634: The Baltic War’ and ‘1635: The Dreeson Incident’. But shouldn’t it be 1636 yet? Anyway when this series is good, it can be very, very good.

But when it is bad it produces rancid novels like ‘1634: The Ram Rebellion’, ‘1634: The Bavarian Crisis’ and ‘1635: The Tangled Web’.
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