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Fringe 1x03 Review

The Ghost Network

Everything comes back to Walter's experiments. Again. A man turns out to be
a 'human walkie talkie' who can listen in on the Pattern's transmissions.
This is useful as Olivia and co investigate a busful of dead people.
Meanwhile Massive Dynamic continue to do funny things to Scott's body.
Everything turns out to revolve around something that looks like a half
sucked cough lozenge.

This was goodish, but Olivia is just really bland as Walter and Peter
continue to steal the show. That was one creepy drawing. Why is Mark Valley in the opening credits if his character is dead? Why was Ma Scott giving Olivia the stink eye? Drug dealers know about the Pattern, Olivia was really out of the loop. The Pattern goons talk in Latin and like to throw themselves under very timely buses. How did the dead woman get that thing into her palm? Who did Peter threaten in the diner? What was the thing looks like a half sucked cough lozenge? What was Massive Dynamic blathering about an 'encryption' for? What are they doing to Scott's body?
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