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Movie Reviews: Night of the Living Dead + Happy Now

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

A brother and sister visit their father’s grave. The brother, Johnny, bullies his sister, Barbra, by telling her: “They’re coming to get you Barbra.” What he doesn’t know is, they really are coming to get her. But they’ll get him first.

This classic horror film is creepy and unnerving from the start with an instant sense of dread. Barbra ends up in an isolated farmhouse in a catatonic state. Her catatonia is annoying. Then more people show up and creatures are gathering outside.

Why the dead are rising eager to consume the living isn’t explained apart from a brief mention of radiation from Venus. A lot of those trying to survive display raving idiocy and uselessness. Survival plans seem to consist of haphazardly nailing random boards across doors and windows in a berserk board barricade.

A chance to escape is blown and the ghouls use tools, can plan and act together – they aren’t mindless. As a result things get worse for the idiot posse trapped in the farmhouse. This is good and bleak. Certainly better than ‘Killer Movie’.

What happened to the farmhouse’s owner? Why is everyone so aggressive and non-cooperative? How is there so much spare wood in the house? Why was Barbra and Johnny’s father buried 200 miles from their home? Why are all the news reports taking place in daylight? Where did all the zombies in the house go at the end?

Best Lines:
“They’re coming to get you Barbra.”
“Stop it you’re ignorant.”

“This incredible story becomes more ghastly with each report.”

“Mass hysteria? What, do they think that we’re imagining all this?”

“Official spokesman declined to speculate just how long it may take to kill off all the flesh eaters.”

“Everything appears to be under control.”

Happy Now (2001)

A Welsh ‘Twin Peaks’. Fourteen years ago two drunken yobs, Joe and Glen, killed a local beauty queen named Jennifer. They framed a local weirdo named Mike for the crime. Now he’s getting out of prison.

Also local girl Tina has returned home with a daughter who looks just like Jennifer. Joe freaks out, Glen sneers, Mike wails and Max a policeman tries to make sense of it all. This is an enclosed, fervid and bigoted community and soon secrets will be revealed. This is okay.
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