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Fringe Season 3 Ep 9 Review

A horrible murder with a heart cut out sends the team on a creepy investigation. Meanwhile Peter is waiting on Walter who calls him ‘son’, does no-one else find that situation sick? Peter and Olivia have issues; it may be that Peter and Alt Olivia are meant to be.

Peter should have stayed on the other side with all that he has to put up with. Anyway a nutter is putting a dead girl back together and this gets really unsettling. Olivia goes full on neurotic and blames Peter for everything. This was good.

How did Olivia’s hair colour change back so quickly? Isn’t Walter running Massive Dynamic? Who is the Observer talking about?

Best Lines:
“I’m not vomiting.”

“You think the type of person that would steal an organ out of a transplant patient would really be troubled by conscience?”

“Apparently stealing bodies is not all that unusual.”

“I don’t know what I brought back. But I know it wasn’t her.”

“She’s taken everything.”
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