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Nikita Ep 11 Review

All The Way

Alex faces graduation and has to kill someone at a wedding. Nikita interferes and all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile flashbacks show how Alex’s insertion was planned. There’s a hapless wedding planner (Robin Givens), the head of some conniving’ kinfolk (Daniel Kash), Michael gets shot again and a great stunt where a guy is tossed through a table.

This was okay but the event TV it thinks it is. How did Birkhoff never notice the chat room until now? Why is Division near a silo? Does Michael suspect Alex? I guess Michael isn’t forgiving Nikita and Amanda points out the obvious.

Best Lines:
“But if I fail to kill, the penalty is death.”
“Not if I’m your reason for failure, otherwise half of Division would be dead by now.”

“I’m not a criminal, no matter what the IRS says.”

“You want to be the bunny or the piggy?”

“Now he’s dead and he’s quiet.”

“Division’s got more leaks than BP.”

“You were a killer before you came to us.”

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