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Book Reviews: The Spirit Thief + The Spirit Rebellion

The Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron

Eli Monpress is a smug thief with a plan. He’s going to steal a King with the help of his sidekicks. The aforementioned sidekicks are a swordsman with a magic sword and a demon possessed girl.

On the opposing side is Miranda a Spiritualist with the power of self righteousness on her side. This a good fantasy romp even if it suffers from exposition dumps and the fact that Eli is an amoral jerk.

The Spirit Rebellion by Rachel Aaron

The sequel to ‘The Spirit Thief’ sees Eli Monpress still at large planning to rob a Citadel. Miranda Lyonette is outraged to find herself on trial for the events of the previous book. Also there is plotting afoot in the Spirit Court.

Eli comes up against an insane OCD Duke and his pet demon gets hungry. This is a good romp and it’s all building up to something.

Best Line:
“It hasn’t been seen in eighty years, though, not since Rikard the Mad lived up to his name and started giving out his family’s treasure to any-one who promised to banish the demon he was convinced lived in his chest.”
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