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Book Reviews: The Little House +Phoenix and Ashes

The Little House by Philippa Gregory
Ruth is married to Patrick and their lives are happy. And then her husband and in-laws manipulate events so she living in rural England, practically on her in-laws doorstep and she is pregnant with a child she isn’t sure she wants.

Under his mother Elizabeth’s cloying affection, Patrick reverts to being a spoilt and demanding boy and Ruth is bullied, judged and found wanting. When Thomas is born, Elizabeth does not find Ruth’s mothering satisfactory and takes over the baby’s care pushing Ruth out of the family.

When Ruth objects to her treatment, Patrick and Elizabeth call her mad and ungrateful. Isolated and alone Ruth can only count on herself to change the situation as her husband has turned against her and her child is being taken from her. This is a good tale of a put upon woman and a monstrously perfect mother in-law. This was made into a miniseries which changed the creepy ending.

Best Line:
Daughter-in-law. Not up to caring for the new baby. Rather a poor show.”

Phoenix and Ashes by Mercedes Lackey
It is 1917 and three years ago Eleanor Robinson lost her father, her home and her chance at attending Oxford due to the machinations of her stepmother. Now Eleanor is enslaved by dark magic, unable to leave what was once her home and forced to work as a servant for her stepmother and stepsisters.

In the big house, Reginald Fenyx has returned from the war a broken man suffering from shell shock. He was an air ace until the fateful day he nearly died in combat. Can these two damaged souls fight the evil magic that threatens them and arise from the ashes? This is good. A tale of magic and English village life during the dark days of World War 1.

Best Line:
“I am a servant in my own home.”
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