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Nikita Ep 10 Review

Dark Matter

Owen returns and releases information on one of Division’s missions. A crisis erupts and a CIA agent suspects Division’s existence. Percy sets about damage control. The Engineer shows up to work with Birkhoff and out sneers him. In an even less interesting sub-plot Jaden is onto Alex.

Michael fires at rocket launcher at Owen and Nikita, I guess he’s still angry over the events of ep 9. Birkhoff has a bit of back-story revealed and then he gets promoted. No matter what happens in this ep, Percy has a plan. This was uh. Who is Oversight? Where did Alex get the camera? Where’s Thom gone?

Best Lines:
“Letting you kids watch cable news would only make you dumber.”

“It’s not every day Lord Sauron steps down from Mount Doom and asks you to forge the one ring.”

“I was never obscure, I was elusive.”

“Division? Just Division?”
“Pretentious I know.”

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