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Book Review: Almost Perfect

Torchwood: Almost Perfect by James Gross

Written in a unique style, this is a fairly interesting read. But it is not as good as 'Pack Animals'.

Weirdness is afoot in Cardiff. A desperate single woman named Emma has found a piece of alien tech that promises to make her Perfect and find her Mr Right. Ianto has woken up in the body of a woman. And there are people and things turning into dust all over the city. How does it all connect? Why, via Perfection of course.

Set after season 2, the greatly reduced Torchwood team have to deal with the weirdness, find out how it's all connected and save the day. Where this adventure fits in post season 2 and in relation to the 'Doctor Who' eps 'The Stolen Earth' and 'Journey's End' isn't clear. The writing style is interesting, but one gets the distinct feeling that James Gross doesn't like the Jack Harkness character at all. This is a fairly okay read.

Notable excerpts:
"His false bonhomie louder than Brian Blessed falling off Snowdon."

"Ianto had long suspected that Jack didn't really have feelings - just a succession of sugar rushes."
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