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United States of Tara Season 2 Ep 12 Review

From This Day Forward

Tara makes Charmaine’s wedding all about herself. She also sits on her ass moaning while everyone else works to get the wedding ready. Lionel shows up to be a snot. Tara and Charmaine’s parents reveal secrets. Tara makes a spectacle of herself again.

Kate and her boyfriend/owner have issues. Nick can’t take it. Tara wrecks Charmaine’s wedding. Truths are told. Tara’s a hypocrite, why does no-one ever call her out on the way she ignores her kids?

This was a dreadful ep and a dreadful season: Tara’s mercurial temperament, wild mood swings, lavish cruelty and bottomless greed annoy, every character acts like a self centred bickering moron.

Best Lines:
“Charmaine never graduated from anything.”

“Don’t touch; I just put on my body bling."

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