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The Event Ep 9 Review

Your World To Take

Sophia’s people gather as their leader annoys and blathers on about isotopes and trace minerals. Simon is one of those gathered, talk about not being subtle.

Sophia blathers on and on and interesting questions are raised. Why is their home barely viable? What are the other dangers? What effect will they have on humans? Naturally these questions are ignored so Sophia and Thomas can annoy.

Jarvis is alive, no-one cares. Thomas and his girlfriend plot Sophia’s death. Sean and Leila run around. The FBI agent, Angela, is back at work with no questions asked apparently.

Thomas turns out to be a pathetic mama’s boy. Sophia blathers on about a module and the fact that the detainees could escape at any time. Dempsey and his collection continue to be icky. These characters need to give an account for their mouths. This ep was utterly boring and stupid.
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