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Fringe Season 3 Ep 8 review


Peter and Alt Olivia face off. Alt Broyles has doubts as Walternates plans to bring Alt Olivia home. Alt Olivia has part of the machine. The typewriter shop is located by the Fringe team. Peter is overlooked as once again everything is all about Olive. Things get nasty and it’s okay but bland.

What is the deal with the machine? How did alt Olivia change her hair colour so quickly? In the other universe the Newark station is named Springsteen Station, funny.

Anyway I had high hopes for this season with Peter’s storyline. But I’m disappointed; everyone acts like it’s no big deal. Everyone accepted Walter’s justifications and everyone acts like Peter is just supposed to go back to caring for and being friendly with his kidnapper.

Best Lines:
“In the 70’s I innocently wandered into the wrong home and it was three days before I realised my mistake.”

“That temptress. She tricked my son with her carnal manipulations and he fell right into her vagenda.”

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