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Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Ep 13 +Merlin Series 3 Ep 13 Reviewed

Na Tiobloidi

I haven’t reviewed this in a while because I was sick of the distasteful characters and their demeaning storylines. Anyway not much has changed. Tara has embraced the biker ho lifestyle.

Stahl’s lips are weird. Zobell turns out to be an informant. There is a biker war in Charming and Polly Zobell has gone from groomed sleekness to looking like Cher Lloyd.

The storyline is the usual glum dreary, repulsive stuff. Stahl, Gemma and Polly collide. Tara is useless. Abel is kidnapped. Zobell gets away to annoy another day. People die. Stahl causes havoc, maybe in pique that her looks are dropping.

There is a musical montage and the kidnapper makes the most ridiculous contrived escape outside of a Penelope Pitstop cartoon. This was just blah.

The Coming of Arthur: Part 2

Queen Morgana has usurped the throne of Camelot and wears an ugly piece of bling as a crown. Morgana is wicked and horrible and bitter and disgusting, right through to her core. Meanwhile Arthur is useless so Merlin has to do most of the work to get Camelot back to normal.

Merlin gets Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake and wields it in battle. Arthur does uncover the round table and assemble his knights though for some reason he does not knight Merlin, thankless prat.

Merlin, Arthur and their merry men battle to retake Camelot. Tension builds and then the weird sisters are defeated in a damp squib ending that smacked of the reset button being pushed. I swear I thought scenes were missing after Morgause got thrashed and Morgana shrieked like a banshee. This was okay but the darker stuff was obviously shied away from.

Why didn’t Morgana kill Uther and Gwen? Is the Cup of Life the Grail? Who is the mother of Morgana and the annoying Morgause? Why didn’t Arthur knight Merlin? Why didn’t they kill Morgana when they had the chance? Is Morgause dead? Where did Morgana vanish to?

Best Line:
“You cannot begin to know how much I hate you.”
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