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United States of Tara Season 2 Ep 11 Review

To Have And To Hold

Tara’s incredibly convoluted journey into her past continues with non-Faulkerian eloquence. Kate’s given up her job to chase after her older creepier boyfriend. Lionel annoys. Charmaine and Tara go on a road trip and learn they were in foster care.

Tara makes a show of herself again and yet another alter, Chicken, shows up. T makes a brief reappearance for the first time this season. This was uh, all the characters are abominable. How did Kate find foster mother Mimi? How did Max find Mimi?

Best Lines:
“Wow, she likes animal prints.”

“Is my tiara too Midwestern glitz pageant?”

“When they removed gluten from his diet they found that people stopped gawking so much.”

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