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Nikita Ep 9 Review

One Way

Michael’s on a mission and Nikita shows up to help him. For some reason, Michael never seems to wonder how Nikita always manages to crash Division’s exploits. Michael’s on a personal quest to kill the man who betrayed him and killed his wife and daughter.

In 2001 Michael was more trusting, less smokey voiced and had a family. His supposed ally Kasim Tariq wrecked his life. Michael wants blood. He and Nikita bond over this vengeance mission. Nikita knows Michael is still loyal to Percy and tries to change that.

She and Michael sweetly bond over sniper rifles and a knife. Percy finds out about this and doesn’t like it. He wants Michael all to himself. Some more bad things happen to Michael because of Kasim Tariq. Michael can walk it off, because he’s full of rage. Nikita betrays him and Michael goes home to Percy.

Meanwhile Alex is sloppy, Jaden is suspicious and Nikita worries she’s lost Michael for good. This was okay. Michael’s backstory was sad. Percy saved him from suicide but does Michael still buy Percy’s BS?

Who is Henry? Does no-one password protect their laptops? What is Amanda’s game plan? What side is Michael on now? Will he forgive Nikita for this?

Best Lines:
“I want you to take a look at your loyalties.”

“Revenge is not the answer.”
“Excuse me is this Nikita talking?”

“What are you, the CIA?”
“Nah, nothing that obvious.”

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