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Quotes of the Day

The Morgana Show’ Quotes

“Don’t miss next week when I jump into a pool of piranhas on my period.”

“It’s like an advert for Primark in here.”

“Some devil’s dust, a little bit of skank wrestling.”

Raising Hope’ Quotes

Their exterminator blasted me with ant spray.”

“You know I can’t think on demand like that.”

National Lampoon’s Class Reunion’ Quotes

Give me a dollar; I’ll give you my car.”

“Our charming nametag chairperson.”

“I wasn’t the one this class voted most likely to betray her country.”

“You’re the one he wants to kill.”
“But I’ve always been so popular.”

“Another Borden alum heads for the loony bin.”

“Robert and I are engaged. It’s been announced.”
“It’s not really official; we haven’t ordered the tent yet.”
“Darling, thank you notes for our bed and bath shower are already in the mail.”

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