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The Event Ep 8 Review

For The Good Of Our Country

The Avis flight cover up goes on and Michael is declared dead. But he’s not, he’s being questioned. Martinez is self obsessed and learns his vice-president was in on it. Whatever it is. Sean and Leila are whiny and unobservant and thusly Sean gets shot.

Leila kidnaps a doctor and Martinez does no ponder on why there are so many traitors in his administration. The old guy turns out to be named Dempsey and he’s not interesting. The vice President’s back-story revealed and it is sort of interesting. Martinez and Sterling plot.

Vicky’s superior orders to do more killing. Sean is treated while he lies in a ditch and somehow lives despite blowing a clot and risking infection. This is okay but it’s no ‘Lost’.

So Sean’s a hacker and knows how to steal cars? Is Martinez always so self righteous and self obsessed? Was Martinez’s election a fix? Is Jarvis’ secretary an idiot? What is Dempsey’s agenda? Is Jarvis dead?

Best Lines:
“This is not government issue technology.”

“That man ordered my death and the death of my family.”

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