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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Ep 18 Review

Under Control

Uncle John (David Anders) shows up to rile. Vicki’s funeral has happened off-screen. Stefan is craving human blood and twitching and lying like Alexandra from ‘Dr Phil’. Jenna’s useless and a slut. Elena hangs out with Damon because she is a twit.

Everyone’s drinking, Stefan acts out and Jeremy loses his mind. John is a git, Tyler and Matt fight, odd connections are revealed, Matt throws his momma out and the origin of the ring is revealed. This is okay it just doesn’t excite me.

Best Lines:
“Seven hunters, four campers and two state employees have been reported missing as well. All of this within a 75 mile radius of Mystic Falls.”

“You dad’s gonna beat you down if he catches you.”
“Yeah, let him try.”

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