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Movie Reviews: Silent Warnings + Night of the Demon

Silent Warnings (2003)

This is a good ‘Signs’ knock off. A crazy paranoid farmer (Stephen Baldwin) dies so his cousin and the cousin’s idiot friends show up to fix up the farmhouse to sell it. They soon notice the weird noises, the electric fence, the alarms and crop circles.

Maybe the farmer wasn’t so crazy and paranoid after all. The local Sheriff (Billy Zane) lurks speculating that it is all a prank and the friends have their issues.

Are there aliens lurking in the corn? What did the dead farmer trap in his attic? What is on his collection of videotapes? This nicely creepy and enjoyable – just ignore the pre-credits sequence with Stephen Baldwin overacting.

But why with all the ominous signs and portents do they stay in the house? The interesting link to ancient mythology is intriguing and the downer ending is good. This is good fun.

Best Lines:
“Country people need to get a life.”

“You’re not leaving me in the middle of this crop circle by myself.”

“They’re planning some kind of invasion.”

“What a wonderful home town you have.”

“What do I look like? A trekkie?”

Night of the Demon (1957)

This is based on the short story ‘Casting the Runes’. There a convention on the paranormal being held and the press are fascinated for some reason. One attendee Dr Holden – the jerk ‘hero’ has mocked a devil cult lead by Karswell.

A bad idea as Karswell plots revenge. Holden hooks up with Joanna Harrington a niece of the last man who annoyed Karswell.

Together they face wind storms, Karswell’s hexes, yokels and a séance all to a bombastic soundtrack. Holden never changes his facial expression and is never humanised. He remains cold and aloof throughout. This starts out okay but gets dull.

Best Lines:
“I know the value of the cold light of reason, but I also know the deep shadows that light can cast.”

“Is breaking into my house at night to read a few of my scribbles an indication of sanity?”

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