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True Blood Season 2 Ep 12 Review

Beyond Here Lies Nothing

Maryann wears Sookie’s dead grandmother’s wedding dress as she prepares for her wedding. It’s a beautiful dress I must say. Maryann makes lots of movie villain speeches as she expands on her plans and informs Sookie she isn’t human.

Bill is useless and loathsome, Sookie annoys and Maryann’s ‘wedding’ is a demented ritual that I expect will be copied on ‘My Super Sweet 16’ some day.

Hoyt’s had enough, Eggs freaks out, Sookie just wants everyone off her lawn and Arlene’s kids are smarter than she is. Maryann is defeated in a manner which evokes a tiny bit of empathy for her.

Anyway various season 3 plot arcs are set up as Sookie does something dumb, Jason does something he cannot take back, Sam looks up his past, Jessica’s dumb and there is a cliff-hanger. This was okay but how did Sam transform into an animal he’d never seen?

Best Lines:
“You killed our sacred egg.”

“I heard that Maryann Forester was an agent of the pharmaceutical companies and the liberal media. And she poisoned our water supply with LSD as a mind control experiment.”
“Like they did to San Francisco?”

“I’d wear him like a scrunchie.”

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