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The Event Ep 7 Review

I Know Who You Are

Simon is alive and in hospital. Somehow no medical staff have noticed that he isn’t human. Sterling waits for him to wake up while flashbacks reveal just why Sterling is such an angry paranoid man with massive trust issues.

This was an okay ep but the problem with this show is that most of the characters are some of the least likable ever to grace the screen. Sophia rants, Thomas annoys, Madeline the shouty journalist vanishes and bad things happen to Leila’s sister.

Thomas and Sophia have ominous plans and there are creepy kids. Sean needs to shut up and just how does Thomas manage to swan around pretending to be a Doctor and a CSI without anyone noticing?

Who is the old guy? The detainees have watchers? Sterling’s flashback with his family is very ‘Alias’. Where did Madeline and Peter go? How do they create portals?

Best Line:
“It’s good for them to be afraid of us.”
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