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United States of Tara Season 2 Ep 10 Review

Open House

Tara reveals her ‘alters’ cheated on Max 35 times. This does explain a lot of Max’s rage. Tara continues to ignore her marriage and kids, which explains the rest of Max’s rage and the fact her kids are acting out unnoticed.

Tara and Charmain’s mother visits. She may be a vile woman but you just have to admire the way she ignores Tara’s drama queen antics. Lionel and Marshal go to the park to do a George Michael only for Marshal to be caught out by a neighbour.

Buck emerges and adds domestic violence to Tara’s list of sins. This was okay but seriously Tara is a horrible person and how much longer before her family implodes because of her?

Best Lines:
“What do you think of a big chandelier right in the middle of this room?”
“Oh yeah, lots of glass. Babies love glass.”

“Tara if you could just share the stage for one minute.”

“You’re so pretty but you’ve always made decisions like an ugly girl.”

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