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Fringe Season 3 Ep 7 Review

The Abducted

A child is kidnapped and Fringe investigates as the Peter Bishop Act states all kidnapping must be treated as a possible Fringe event. Oh Walter, look on your works and despair. Olivia wants to go home and asks Henry the cab driver to help her. Then she learns Alt Broyles has an interest in the case.

Olivia and alt Broyles come to an understanding. More bad things happen to Olivia and Peter gets a message. This was dull; the only interest raised is in the potential plotlines to come.

Walternate seems to simmer with rage because of the abduction of Peter, has he given up on his son? The Alt world wants to limit the amount of children, why? Will Walter and Walternate ever come face to face? Why is Alt Olivia coming home soon?

How did the Candyman and co come up with the idea of stealing youth? Will Olivia ever view Walter differently seeing the damage he has wrought? Was Ronald Regan the lead in the alt version of ‘Casablanca’? What happened to all the sleazy people from Peter’s past following him around?

Best Lines:
“Fringe division was created to investigate tragedies of unimaginable scale. You and I both know that there is no crime more heinous then the theft of a child.”

“I know what its like to lose a son. And even when they come back the damage is irreparable.”

“Did you really save that school us from a Class Three vortex last year?”

“Every time there’s another Fringe event, a new church pops up.”

“The FBI ceased to exist over a decade ago, at least though on this side it did.”

“She’s trapped in the other universe.”

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