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True Blood Season 2 Ep 11 Review


Jessica’s tantrum has consequences with Hoyt. Bill meets Sophie-Anne the vampire queen who is played like a petulant teenager by an inept actress. Lafayette has fur handcuffs and hallucinates about Eric in a dress. Tara is still belligerent. Jason mentions ‘World War Z’. Tara’s mother is an idiot.

It seems that exorcism from season 1 had consequences. Maryann screeches. Hoyt learns some truths, Sam goes for help and Sookie just whines. This was bad with endless boring scenes of Bill and the queen. Then there is the idiot revelation of what Tara and Eggs are guarding and Bill ranting non-stop about his SOOK-EH.

Best Lines:
“Orgies? Sacrifice? Cannibalism?”
“We suspect.”

“She’s convinced herself she’s immortal.”

“She’s no longer even remotely human.”

“That devil woman.”

“Ritual is a powerful thing and calling forth that kind of energy has consequences.”

“She was thinking creepy foreign stuff and I could tell it wasn’t good.”

“Oh poor Carl, he didn’t really advance much in this lifetime.”

“Sad silly things. The world changed centuries ago and they’re still waiting for the god who comes.”

“This town might be full of crazy rednecks and dumbasses.”

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