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Fringe Season 3 Ep 6 Review

6955 kHz

Mysterious radio broadcasts attract attention. Peter and alt Olivia bask in the afterglow, Walter snots and the First People are mentioned. We get some interesting info on the First People, which makes you wonder how they tie into the story arc. This is good. But why no mentions of the Pattern or ZFT?

Why is Nina so forgiving of Walter after the loss of her arm? What is the Vacuum? Who wrote the book about the First People and how? How do the other side know more about the First People? Does this have any connection to the Ghost Network of season 1? What is the machine and why does it respond to Peter? What is phase II?

Best Lines:
“Yesterday he spent 15 minutes in front of the utility closet thinking it was the elevator.”

“He will play right into Walternate’s hands.”

“Some sort of cataclysm that so completely decimated the First People they were just wiped out of the historical record.”

“Whatever they needed from you, they have it now. It’s not safe for you here anymore.”

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