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Heroes 3x03 Review

One of Us, One of Them

Best Line:
"Is your friend always so self-righteous?"

What is the point of this season? Mr Bennet and Sylar are teamed up to track down the lame escaped villains. Matt discovers his guide sees only his future. Nikki is definitely dead, no foolies and Tracy learns a creepy doctor 'created' her. Meredith and Claire bond. Ando and Hiro end up in Level 5 and it is about damn time.

This was a total non-event of an ep. Does Lyle ever get annoyed that everything revolves around Claire now? Mr Bennet needs to go. They kill off Isaac and being in another mystical painter? What is the obsession with the mystical paintings anyway? TPTB are redeeming Sylar aren't they? With the suit and the combed hair and the 'excuse' for his killings. Who is Barbara?
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