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Casting the Runes and other ghost stories by M.R. James

This is an okay collection of Victorian ghost stories.

The Mezzotint
A man buys a print of an old mansion house only to realise that something in it is moving, this is okay.

Count Magnus
A man unwisely becomes obsessed with the legend of a dead nobleman, this is very good.

The Treasure of Abbot Thomas
A treasure hunt leads to unpleasantness. This is okay. Depositum Custodi!

A School Story
A tale is told of mysterious goings on at a boys school. This is good.

The Rose Garden
A battleaxe wants a rose garden only to uncover something nasty buried in the earth, this is okay.

Casting the Runes
A man is tormented by a malevolent occultist. This is good.

The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral
A creepy tale of odd goings on involving woodcuts.

Mr Humphreys and his Inheritance
A man inherits a house with a maze in its grounds. Delightful? Not really. This is good.

The Diary of Mr Poynter
This is another example of James’ trope of bachelor gentlemen being scared in their boudoir by nasty malevolent things. Read into that whatever you want. This is okay.

An Episode of Cathedral History
Renovation work unleashes something. This is good.

A Warning to the Curious
Another treasure hunt goes wrong; it seems the long dead owner wants his property returned. This is okay.

Irredeemable Vol 4 by Mark Waid and Diego Barreto

The Plutonian continues his mad rampage, his former team-mates the Paradigm have been arrested and two former arch enemies of the Plutonian are manipulating events for their own unknown ends.

Also various Paradigm members have their own agenda and Bette Noir continues her descent into the abyss. This is okay. It’s bleak, sad and engrossing stuff.

Best Lines:
Forgive me.”
“Not right now.”

Swords of Raemllyn #1: To Demons Bound by Robert E. Vardeman and Geo. W. Proctor

This is an enjoyable pulp fantasy. Davin and Goran are thieving scoundrels who get caught up in a feud. This leads them into adventure involving kidnapping, slavers, gypsies, mages, magic and demons.

This is good. Granted it is dated and the ‘hero’ is a loathsome waste of blood and organs, but the storyline and world building intrigue. It’s fun.


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Nov. 29th, 2010 08:41 pm (UTC)
casting rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
casting the runes is brill.
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