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Fringe Season 3 Ep 5 Review

Amber 31422

Walternate experiments on Olivia for the cause. A man rescues his twin brother from quarantine amber and unsettling truths about the amber are revealed. Olivia starts to overcome Walternate’s brainwashing.

This was good and the whole quarantine amber is creepy especially when you realise all the people trapped in it are alive and aware. And it reseals! Creepy.

The ‘Resin is wrong’ sign was a nice touch. Walternate invented the amber (but of course); you can understand why they use it after seeing footage of the ‘Central Manhaten Sinkhole’ and hearing talk of micro black holes.

Joshua robbed banks with the same negative matter ring that the baddies had in season 1. Walternate has newspaper clippings about Peter’s kidnapping. How did he and Elizabeth take Peter running back to his abductor? Did Olivia’s super hearing return?

Doesn’t Olivia see things and people from the other universe glow? So why isn’t everything glowing for her? Walternate’s isolation tank was creepy. Did no-one see a dripping wet woman in the gift shop twice? How does Matthew outrun the amber? Rachel is back with her husband? Walternate never did drug trials?

Best Lines:
“Only those who risk going too far, find out how far they can go.”

“Warning, quarantine protocol imminent.”

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