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Movie Reviews: My Super Psycho Sweet 16 + Skyline

My Super Psycho Sweet 16 (2007)

Ten years ago horrible kids were massacred at the rollerdome by the Lord of the Rink. Now Madison has had the rollerdome reopened so she can have her gaudy Sweet 16 party there and it’s a party to die for. More horrible teenagers face death.

Madison and her mean girl posse bully Skye. Thus marking them for death. This film has too many musical montages and too many vile characters in slutty dresses. Leaving aside the logic gaps, all the characters are rude, snippy, smart-alecky, disrespectful, bitter, hateful teenagers - they deserve all they get.

The characters in this film are the most odious people alive; sadly not all of the inherently unpleasant brats die. Every character is driven by resentment or spite, why should we care about these harridans and their wretched accoutrements?

There is only one good bit in this film and that is the joke with the sushi cake. The rest of it is an unlovely mess populated by sullen brats spouting uninspired sarcasm.

Best Lines:
“It’s just going to cost you.”
“That’s okay, we’re very rich.”

“Mall store MILF wear.”

Skyline (2010)

A group of people wake up one day to find aliens are harvesting the human race. Jarrod (Eric Balfour), Terry (Donald Faison) and some women with obvious lip fillers run around trying and failing to survive.

This is very bleak but is ultimately soulless. It looks good but you don’t really care about the unlovable idiots.
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