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True Blood Season 2 Ep 10 Review

New World in My View

Jason, Bill and Sookie get their lazy asses home to find Bon Temps in chaos. Maryann and her squatters have wrecked Sookie’s house and are building some bizarre meat tree thing in the garden.

The only sane people in town are: Hoyt, Jessica, Sookie, Jason, Bill, Andy, Sam, Lafayette and Tara’s mother. Sam’s a moron, Bill’s useless and Jessica’s dumb so Maryann isn’t quaking in her boots or anything. Jason tries to restore order with a chainsaw and fails.

Maryann can turn into a monster with claws, has poisonous black blood, feeds off people’s emotions, is immortal and has no apparent weaknesses. So Bill and his ugly haircut runs away to get help from the vampire queen. This was okay. What did Sookie do to Maryann? What does Maryann want?

Best Lines:
This is not your house.”
“It is now.”
“I strongly suggest you remove yourself immediately.”

“Aren’t you glad I didn’t take your advice and quit drinking?”

“Devil slut.”

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