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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Ep 15 Review

A Few Good Men

A tomb vampire has escaped. Jenna continues to be useless. Elena looks for her birth mother. Stefan aka “Buzzkill Bob” lurks while Damon is a shameless, annoying jerk. Matt’s mother (Melinda Clarke) shows up and she makes her dislike of Caroline clear.

Elena learns some uncomfortable truths. And more bizarre stuff happens. This is okay.

Who is Elena’s biological father? Suddenly when Elena shrieks about Stefan protecting Damon, she’s a hypocrite. What is Isobel up to?

Best Lines:
“When has he been stable?”

“Stop trying so hard. This thing you’re doing, this nice thing. It’s fake. Like you.”

“This small town in Virginia near where I grew up. It’s isolated, out of the way and quiet. And every now and then people die mysteriously.”

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