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Book Reviews: Zombie Apocalypse! +Black Fire

Zombie Apocalypse! Created by Stephen Jones

The dead have risen and the living will soon be dead. In the near future construction on an old London church releases a centuries-old-plague. Soon flesh hungry zombies sweep across the world.

The zombie apocalypse is told through a series of eyewitness narratives: tweets, text messages, emails, blogs, letters, diaries and transcripts. This is very good. We get details of the initial outbreak, the ineffective government response, a teenage girl’s diary as she hides in an ill-equipped refuge, medical responses, lone survivors hold out futilely, cities fall and the zombies change.

This is sad, heartbreaking, tense and full of misery and the loss of hope. It stands proudly alongside ‘World War Z’.

Star Trek: The Original Series #37: Black Fire by Sonni Cooper

An explosion on the bridge of the Enterprise seriously injures Captain Kirk and sends Spock on a strange journey. As Spock investigates the cause of the explosion, he stumbles across an unknown warrior race, becomes their prisoner, escapes, is court maritaled and imprisoned. But his journey doesn’t end there are piracy, Romulans and a prison break to come.

This is an okay adventure tale. Kirk is in the background reacting as his best buddy Spock foils various plans for war, gets various girls and is the centre of attention. So fast moving is the plot that one can overlook Kirk’s behaviour and ineffective Starfleet logistics.
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