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Sanctuary Season 2 Eps 6 – 13 Reviewed

Kate is now on the team for some reason. Will annoys. A rubber suited abnormal attacks. Henry is the centre of attention as he ponders why the rubber suited abnormal attacked a research scientist. Via some bad acting the villain is obvious and Henry ponders the consequences of emotional adultery. This was awful.

Best Line:
Can I cut into your ‘Matlock’ speech here for a second?”

Will rants, Magnus is accused of killing Bigfoot and didn’t ‘Poltergeist: The Legacy’ do this exact same plot back in the late 90’s? This was boring and I’m tired of Will looking orange and screaming.

Best Lines:
The big guy told him that she was starting to slip.”
“Like Amy Winehouse slip?”

Next Tuesday
Will and Magnus crash into an oil rig. This was okay apart from Will sulking. How can a sea scorpion unlock a hatch? How did they get rescued? How does Will not know when Ashley’s birthday is?

Best Lines:
“Another rare abnormal stays rare.”

“Air rage squid.”

Jimmy (Michael Shanks of ‘SG1’) shows up on the run from the abnormal mob. Will’s abducted. Magnus looks yellow. Kate and Jimmy have a history and there are moral messages. This was boring.

Best Line:
Six months ago he was pit fighting other abnormals for cash. Now he’s the boss.”

Annoying trust fund brats visit a drug clinic and get turned into homicidal vampires. Tesla shows up, only to overshadowed by the bratlings. Will is smug. Cue lots of plastic fangs, overlarge sunglasses and Tesla being hit by a car.

This was dull because TPTB see fit to undermine Tesla at every turn. I guess TPTB love Will so much that every character must be ground into the dust to make him look good.

Best Lines:
You guys must be high.”

“What’s with the eyes? They don’t do that on ‘True Blood’.”

“Nice, all the subtlety of brain surgery with a chainsaw.”

Druitt shows up looking yellow, what is with the make up on this show? There’s awful acting and Druitt is killing again. Sanctuary goes into lockdown, people yell and this is awful. After wrecking Tesla’s character, now TPTB do the same to Druitt.

Kali Part 1
A bug crawls into Will’s mouth as he develops a connection to Big Bertha who was mentioned back in ep 7. Abnormals act up again just in time for the season finale. A rich evil dude (Callum Blue of ‘Dead Like Me’) camps it up as he and his henchmen who look like rejects from ‘Jersey Shore’ run around being vaguely evil.

Big Bertha rises, Magnus is a smug liar and another Sanctuary head Terrance (Paul McGillion of ‘SGA’) is not happy. This was dull.

Kali Part 2
This awful, awful season finally ends. Will twitches, goes nuts and roars. In ep 10 Magnus called vampires the most dangerous race of abnormals, now she says Big Bertha is. Everyone seems surprised that Kali and Big Bertha are one and the same.

A giant spider walks and shrieks, there is a dance number and Terrance has Magnus kicked to the curb. There is a cliff hanger ending. This was dull; I don’t really care about season 3 at this point.

How did rich evil dude find out about abnormals? Why does he want to bring about the end of days? Will he survive into season 3? Can Will ever shut up?
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