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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Ep 14 Review

Fool Me Once

Elena and Bonnie are in peril, again. Damon is selfish, pouty and shouty bully. Caroline is thick. Anna turns out to have unexpected motivations. Elena is a stupid moo cow again as she defends Damon. Elena is stupid beyond belief.

Tyler shows up to be a jerk. The tomb is opened. Ben’s pompous. Grams plots, Jeremy knows, Damon tantrums and pouts. People die and Katherine is stirring the pot even when she’s not around. This was awful, but the identity of Anna’s mother is a surprise. Why is Bonnie so useless? Doesn’t anyone notice Elena is missing?

Best Lines:
“No-one I know wants to see that girl again. Except Damon, love struck idiot.”

“You’re also kind of strange and lurky.”

“Opening the door didn’t remove the seal. It just opened the door.”

“She didn’t care.”

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