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Nikita Ep 5 Review

The Guardian

Division agent Owen (Devon Sawa of ‘Final Destination’) pulls a stunt at a bank attracting the attention of Percy and Nikita. Alex flitters around Division attracting no suspicions despite her blatant reckless behaviour. Alex needs to go back to Oz with the rest of the munchkins.

Owen has something Percy wants, Nikita wants it too. Percy gets annoyed. Birkhoff and Michal plot and Birkoff calls Michael: “teacher’s pet.” Thom eyes up Alex. Stan Lee has a cameo and this is very good.

Why is nobody else ever in the computer lab? Why did Nikita take a glass butterfly to a fight? Where did Alex get eye shadow? Agents have trackers implanted in them? Why did Owen, Emily and Nikita stand next to a window? Where did the cops outside Owen’s house go? Why didn’t they shoot Percy when they had the chance? Didn’t Birkhoff notice the mobile phone in his pocket?

Best Lines:
“I go rogue, Percy sics Michael on me. You go rogue, you get his personal attention.”

“What I want is to empty a clip into your face.”

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