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Book Reviews: Boarding the Enterprise + Zero Sun Game

Boarding the Enterprise edited by David Gerrold and Robert J. Sawyer

A collection of essays that ponder on the themes, meaning, longevity and influence of ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’. A highlight is an essay by TOS scriptwriter D.C. Fontana which reveals some funny backstage moments. Other essays cover a variety of topics such as fan fiction, fandom and the show’s Vietnam war metaphors.

This is an enjoyable read aside from two blowhard techno babble filled essays. Still they are surrounded by so much interesting stuff they can be overlooked. This is good nostalgia.

Star Trek Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game by David Mack

The Typhon Pact steals the plans for the slipstream drive, Starfleet’s newest technological breakthrough. The Federation cannot let the Typhon Pact acquire the Slipstream drive in case their cold war turns hot.

So Dr Bashir and a Starfleet Intelligence operative are sent into Breen space to steal back the plans and destroy the Typhon Pact’s prototype ship. Along the way secrets are revealed about the mysterious Breen and Bashir finds a new purpose in life.

This was good however the Typhon Pact despite being promoted as a rival to the Federation seem anything but. The Pact comes across as a pack of bullies and do not seem like the formidable rival everyone makes them out to be.

Then there is the USS Aventine with Ezri Dax as Captain. Dax comes across as unfit to lead as she is reckless and a shrew. The ending does raise interesting questions about future plots. All in all, this is good.

Best Line:
The secret to making slipstream work without slamming into stars, planets, or other ships at a hundred thousand times the speed of light.”
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