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True Blood Season 2 Ep 9 Review

I Will Rise Up

The Fellowship strike, Eric tricks the ever gullible Sookie and Bill pulls faces and rants. Jessica and Hoyt bore. Jason and Sookie bore. Maryann turns into a cartoon villain. The only sane men in town hook up. Tara goes mad and Bill is an idiot. This was dull and laughable in parts as Godric mopes like Edward Cullen.

Why does the plot grind to a halt for so many eps? What is Maryann’s interest in Eggs and Tara? Why does Sookie dress like a five year old? Why was Sookie with Godric at the end?

Best Line:
Lisa lunch is your job, You’ve got a microwave, that’s all you need. Oh come on, Kobe will eat cat food if you put mayo on it.”
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