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Fringe Ep 2 Review

The Same Old Story

Best Line:
"As sorry as I was to hear about Dr Bishop's incarceration. I believe it was
the best thing that could ever happen to humanity. No-one in power should
ever learn what he knows."

Olivia, Peter and Walter are now considered a team investigating the
Pattern. Apparently there was a previous team and their fate isn't known,
yet. After a woman dies giving birth to a "magic old man baby", the team
find themselves on the trail of a pituitary gland stealing serial killer.
Meanwhile Peter and Walter continue to be the best things about this show as
really unsubtle hints that Peter is another one of Walter's experiments fly.

Peter had green eyes at birth. Is that is some way tied in to his mysterious medical history that Walter was babbling about? Nobody opened Walter's storage unit for 17 years? What was the final shot all about? Are Massive Dynamic good or bad? What is the Pattern?
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