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Nikita Ep 4 Review

Rough Trade

Nikita revisits the family of the man she killed during her first mission for Division. She is drawn into a plot involving sweat shops and a dramatic revelation about that long ago mission. Meanwhile Alex has a panic attack during training and comes to Amanda’s attention. Also Michael is having issues. Flashbacks to Nikita’s days in Division raise interesting questions.

Highlights of this episode included Nikita single-handily closing down a sweat shop and Alex mocking Amanda and her “day spa vibe.” So Amanda’s suspicious and Michael is torn, aaawww. This was good, plenty of action and melancholy.

How did Nikita set up her and Alex’s chat room? What was the relationship between Nikita and Michael? Why is the villain so talkative? Why won’t Michael just shoot Nikita? How does Nikita get to and back from Hong Kong? Why does Michael keep letting her get away? What is Michael’s debt to Percy? Does Nikita consider Michael a friend? What is Michael’s back-story and why is he so loyal to Percy?

Best Lines:
Why are you so loyal to Percy? Why?”
“Because I owe him my life.”

“What about you Michael, do you have a choice?”

“Of course you don’t know, you never asked.”

“You knew never to ask, always loved that about you.”

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