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Movie Review: Saw IV (2007)

Detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) is one of the last men standing after Kerry’s death. Two FBI agents are on the hunt for Jigsaw’s other accomplice and Officer Riggs is out through the ringer by said apprentice. Jigsaw’s ex wife Jill Tuck is brought in to be interrogated and she’s obviously got secrets.

Riggs runs around trying to save Hoffman and Officer Matthews of ‘Saw II’ from a trap and goes nuts in the process. The trap scenes are gross but the mystery plot is intriguing. Poor Riggs really should have listened closer to that tape Jigsaw left.

An annoying lawyer (Justin Louis of ‘Stargate Universe’) runs around and the FBI agents are worthy adversaries and some of the few decent people in this franchise. Naturally bad things happen to them. This was okay.

How did they know Amanda Young was Jigsaw’s apprentice? Wouldn’t Matthews have noticed who the accomplice was? What does Jill know? How does Hoffman plan to explain how he survived? Where is the kid from ‘Saw III’?

Best Lines:
“We’re here to find the person your department couldn’t Detective, the one helping Jigsaw and Amanda Young.”

“What’s his problem?”
“Everyone around him keeps dying.”

“For years you have stood by and witnessed as your colleagues have fallen.”

“I just left a room with more blood on the walls than paint, two officers are missing and there’s a growing pile of bodies in their wake.”

“Your hall of fame psychopath husband.”

“He started massacring people.”

“How does something like this get into a hotel room undetected?”

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