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Sanctuary Season 2 Eps 1 – 5 Reviewed

End of Nights, Part 1
The search is on for the doomed Ashley. Tesla glowers, Clara is elsewhere, Bigfoot annoys and Ashley is mind controlled by the Cabal. There is too much padding in this ep and new character Kate shows up to annoy.

Will needs to shut up and why does Ashley wear skin tight latex? The Cabal use Ashley to create a group of super abnormals. Ashley grows claws, sports fake fangs and has no lines. This was boring and had too much bad acting.

Best Lines:
“Desperate was last month.”

“Half-vampire. Alcohol doesn’t affect me. Though since you showed up, god, I wish it did.”

End of Nights, Part 2
Kate whines and really annoys, the Cabal make demands and ignore the fact they need to brush their hair and iron their clothes. Helen shouts and the super-abnormals start taking down Sanctuaries. There is a bad CGI troll and Declan the London Sanctuary head shows up.

Druitt fights the super-abnormals and for some reason they just stand around before attacking him so he can do some posing with his swords. Clara is killed off, Helen makes a choice and poor Ashley is disposed of. This was dull, poor Ashley. They might as well have stuffed her into a refrigerator.

The split screen technique used this season is really annoying me. Kate is disgusting and then her change of heart is unconvincing. Why do they let Kate hang out anyway? No-one seems to be mourning Ashley. An idiotic flying abnormal flies around. Druitt and Tesla are killing off the Cabal off screen, why didn’t they do that before Ashley was vaporised?

How did nobody notice the dead super abnormal stuck in the wall before now? There are pointless Magnus flashbacks, Will yells, there’s a dumb baby abnormal subplot and Ashley’s memorial service is held. This was dull. Why were Clara and Ashley killed off in such a pathetic manner?

A superhero shows up. There are new opening credits. Kate gets an irritating side plot. Declan is still around. This was a dull mish mash of plots.

Best Lines:
When crime’s around. Oh, I’ll be found.”

“You’d be amazed at how much buzz it creates when a guy in a super suit falls off his balcony.”

Pavor Nocturnus
This show has gone off the rails. Helen wakes up to find the Sanctuary and the city in ruins. She goes for a walk only to be grabbed, treated to a scrub down and told via exposition dumps that zombies have taken over the world. The Z word isn’t used, but you know what they mean.

Will shouts a lot and babbles about Red Zones, tactical nukes being used for infection control and the battle for Buenos Aires. Helen learns who patient zero was and then there is a twist ending. This was okay but ‘World War Z’ did it better. Why didn’t Helen ask what became of Tesla or Declan? Kate and Will had a son?

Best Lines:
“There’s noting out there but them.”

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“They’ve become the dominant species on the planet.”

“It cannot have come out of nowhere.”

“He took most of Boston with him.”

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