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Psychoville Halloween Special + The Little House Part 1 Reviewed

Psychoville Halloween Special (2010)

The low rated sitcom of grotesques gets a Halloween special. Drew and Phil investigate the abandoned ruins of Ravenhill Psychiatric hospital for a spook show. They tell stories about what went on there: more bullying and beating the Brendan/Ste relationship on ‘Hollyoaks’.

One blackly comic tale is of Mr Jelly, a Halloween lolly and creepy trick or treaters. Another tale is of the annoying Joy, her infuriated husband and Freddy the doll. Yet another is of Mr Lomax who starts seeing creepy things. Another comic tale is of the serial killer obsessed mother and son who get a lift from a weirdo. But lurking in the background of all this is creepy Nurse Edwina (Eileen Atkins of ‘Robin Hood’)

It all comes together in the end to set up a second series of ‘Psychoville’. This was okay but what is the big deal about the locket?

Best Lines:
“It would be in bad taste to go as Fred West.”

“Check him out first though, might be a weirdo.”

“You can’t be a former patient, you can form sentences.”

“When I was little I could hear screams coming from this place at night. My mum used to tell me it was just the seagulls.”
“Seagulls go to bed though don’t they?”
“Yeah, but the mad don’t.”

The Little House, Part 1

Patrick and Ruth are a young couple and having an unexpected baby. Ruth whines and doesn’t want it. Her mother in law Elizabeth doesn’t like her. Ruth and Patrick move into the Little House which is on the in-laws doorstep. Ruth has a traumatic birth and suffers post partum psychosis.

Baby Thomas cries incessantly, Patrick is never around and Elizabeth is taking over. Ruth whines, smokes and vents to her former co-worker David. Elizabeth soon has Ruth shipped off to a mental health clinic and takes over care of Thomas.

Is Ruth really suffering post partum psychosis or is Elizabeth squeezing an unwanted and unloved daughter in law out of the family? This was okay but nothing special. Ruth whines too much, Patrick has a jellyfish spine and Elizabeth is obviously evil. What became of her unloved daughter Fiona?
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