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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Ep 13 Review

Children of the Damned

In 1864 Katherine was a bloodsucker and carrying on with Stefan and Damon. In the present Damon, Stefan and Elena hunt for a book that could open the tomb. Alaric and Stefan have a confrontation. Anna plots. Damon throws tantrums. Jenna is useless.

Flashbacks to 1864 show Katherine in a variety of hats, corsets and showing off her cameo pendant. There were a lot of vampires in Mystic Falls back then including Pearl (Kelly Hu). Bad things happen to Katherine and Pearl when the townspeople rise up against the apex predators in their midst. This was good.

How does Stefan have a tattoo? Why does Elena have no supervision? Why did Stefan and Damon have no supervision in 1864? Why didn’t the blood in Anna’s bottle coagulate? How did 1864 Damon get away with being a deserter? The house in 1864 didn’t look very Southern. Wouldn’t the book be all icky from being in a grave? So what happened to Pearl and her daughter?

Best Lines:
“I’m a poor orphan girl from Atlanta, lost her family in the fires.”
“Which you lit no doubt.”

“We’re the respectable ladies of Mystic Falls.”

“I’d sooner die.”
“And soon enough you will.”

“They must be destroyed. Those who stand with them, those who bring shame to their families will be destroyed as well.”

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