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The Event (2010 - 2011) Eps 1&2 Reviewed

Is this the new ‘Lost’? Based on the strength of these two episodes, it could be.

I Haven’t Told You Everything

Told in non-linear fashion, this tells of many many characters. But the primary focus is on Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) who goes on a cruise with his moron girlfriend Leila only for really very bad things to happen. Elsewhere bad things happen to Leila’s family but why them in particular?

Meanwhile President Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood) wants to close a detention facility and is holding a press conference about it. But who are the 97 prisoners at Mount Inostranka and what do they want? Sophia the leader of the 97 prisoners won’t answer any questions, which isn’t helping her case.

This was very good with multiple plots, questions, mysteries and reveals set up. It never lets up.

What is the event? Why can’t people know about it? How did Simon drive onto a runway? Did no other passenger see Simon driving alongside the plane? How did Sean get a gun onto the plane? How did Sean get off the cruise ship and onto the plane without a passport or money? Why didn’t they evacuate? Who are they? What happened in the final scene?

Best Lines:
Don’t let them out.”

“I’m not crazy, I’m not on drugs.”

To Keep Us Safe

Sean and co have wound up in the desert, not one passenger asks how. Black helicopters loom and that is never a good thing. Sean and Michael (Scott Patterson of ‘Gilmore Girls’) talk.

Some information about the detainees is revealed. Information about Sean and Leila’s ill advised cruise is revealed. There is a non-too surprising revelation about one character.

Why is everyone Sean encounters so unhelpful and stupid? The only person who was in anyway helpful was Michael of all people. What is all the talk of no hope and a fight? What is going on? Why are the detainees lying, keeping secrets and making threats? How did Sean get his IV out? What are the resources and what happened to the passengers?

Best Lines:
“They have technological capabilities we can’t even comprehend.”

“She’s been lying to us for six decades.”

“We need to root them out, every one of them.”

“Narcissistic delusion is common in any number of psychiatric illnesses.”
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