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Nikita Ep 3 Review

Kill Jill

I like this show; it’s grim like the Banksy couch gag on ‘The Simpsons’. Jill a conspiracy blogger stumbles across Division after an unlucky hiker tapes a scene that involves a plane crash, black helicopters, commandos and mysterious parcels. Division target her for death, Nikita helps her. Meanwhile the anorexic looking Jill bonds with Jaden and the true believer Thom.

Birkhoff is under suspicion and is his usual obnoxious self. He does like ‘Sneakers’ though. Michael looks like he should be drinking larger out of a can on a street corner and not leading hit squads.

This was very good. Is Michael a Death Row recruit as well? Nikita wears spike heels to a hit? Why does the screen get blurry when Amanda is on screen? Michael recovered from his gun shot wound with no ill effects whatsoever didn’t he?

Best Lines:
“We’re not TMZ Jill.”

“They thought I was a mole, fascists.”

“And the reporter?”
“You mean the unhinged, unemployed maniac who shot her boss?”

“Full body cavity search as well.”
“That, that is overkill Amanda.”

“Drugs, please”

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