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True Blood Season 2 Ep 7 Review

Release Me

Maryann is the mysterious monster in the woods and for some reason Andy is currently unaffected by her. How much longer can they drag the Maryann plot out? Andy rants about what is going on and is laughed at. Daphne reveals what Maryann is.

Sookie screams, is smug and cannot act. Why is the TV Sookie so obnoxious and the book Sookie is nice? The mole is revealed. The Fellowship of the Sun continues to plot something. The sight gag of their Jesus Christ Vampire Exterminator board game is hilarious. Jason continues to be a shallow, self obsessed idiot even as bad things happen to him.

There are unwanted flashbacks to the 1930’s of Bill and Lorena breaking up. Lorena is boring. Bill continues to be pathetic with his bad haircut, bad Southern accent, annoying ranting and floury skin. Hoyt and Jessica get it on to the song ‘Bleeding Love’.

This was okay with some good lines. But if vampires cry blood. One wonders what happens when they have sex?

Best Lines:
“You smell like her: sweet and cheap.”

“I don’t know why I keep bothering with you.”
“Why do you? I can’t stand the sight of you.”

“Steve has guns. Then there’s the lockdown tomorrow night. And secondly we’re gonna be locked in this church with Steve and his guns all night.”

“You are snakier than a snake in the grass.”

“Excuse you; it says Ladies on that door.”
“So what you skank ho’s doing in here?”

“Laugh at the crazy drunk guy but I know what I saw...zombie woman...devil zombies!”

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